Irum Atlas

About Us

Created by British Content Creator Sebina Hussain, IRUM ATLAS is a stunning collection of beautifully designed every day pieces of jewellery, that need no occasion to be worn. Designed by a self-confessed jewellery lover for women who want to achieve a fine jewellery look, Hussain was inspired by both Eastern and Western jewellery trends to create a range of beautiful, covetable but accessible gold-plated pieces.

The debut collection by IRUM ATLAS is comprised of nineteen pieces, all crafted in Sterling Silver with 1.5 microns of 18k gold plating, for the gold aesthetic and maximum durability.  Each piece in the IRUM ATLAS collection reflects Hussain’s love for pearls and layering; the collection has been designed to be mixed and matched by the individual wearer. To make the collection as accessible as possible, faux pearls and crystal zirconia have been used in the designs, but several collections with varying price points will be launching later in 2021.

IRUM ATLAS has been a passion project long in the making. The long-term goal is to one day set up factories in poorer regions of South Asia, to provide work for women who may be widowed or divorced so that they can earn for themselves and find financial independence.

The brand name IRUM ATLAS had a very personal meaning. ‘Irum’ meaning heavenly, is Sebina Hussain’s middle name, and was the name her mother wanted to choose for her, whilst ‘Atlas’ is the name of her father.


Central to Hussain’s passion for jewellery is the is the sentimental element that pieces can hold for the wearer. We cherish certain pieces because they represent special memories: when we received them, who gifted them or the fact that they may mark a special occasion. Gifting and Self-gifting is key to the IRUM ATLAS ethos: every piece comes in beautiful luxury gift packaging. Each ring, bracelet or pair of earrings is nestled inside a velvet embossed pouch, tucked neatly within a box and finally wrapped up in a beautiful bag waiting for your recipient or you yourself, to enjoy the process of unveiling a new gift.


IRUM ATLAS was founded by Sebina Hussain, a Law graduate turned Influencer and Content Creator. Growing up in a culture where women are always adorned in gold jewellery created a lifelong love affair with beautiful trinkets. As she grew older Hussain began to explore her own jewellery style, finding that the traditional pieces didn’t always complement her modern day wardrobe. Hussain’s style varies from day to day, and mood to mood, and IRUM ATLAS perfectly encapsulates the modern woman’s desire to change jewellery in accordance to the mood of the day. Whether you want to wear simple, elegant pieces or their own, or stack them together to create a bolder statement look, the collection enables wearers to enhance both their outfits and their mood.

As reflected in the name of her brand, Hussain has always shared an extremely close relationship with her parents. With their support she was able to be the first in her family to go to University to read Law and subsequently graduate with First Class Honours. They supported her when she chose to leave her legal career behind to pursue a more creative role, and have always been her mentors, keeping her guided and grounded. The IRUM ATLAS brand logo also represents a family connection; the Ark symbol is a tribute to her eldest son Noah.